Research Report: The Future of HCP Engagement Impact

Closing the gaps between HCP demand and pharma industry supply of medical information

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What is the key to impactful Pharma-HCP engagement? This multi-stakeholder research (combining HCP, Pharma and service provider surveys) – in follow up to our 2021 study – highlights that industry has made positive strides in recent years, with growing digital maturity and the rise of medical affairs leading to closer alignment with healthcare professionals’ evolving engagement expectations.

However, the study also demonstrates that pharma often lacks sufficient focus on the content and channels that HCPs value, and finds it difficult to measure meaningful outcomes and impact. Furthermore, signs of a back-to-normal mentality post-pandemic and persistent short-term thinking threaten to undermine the effectiveness of future activity.

This 73-page report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the HCP engagement landscape. It will help you benchmark your organisation’s approach and steer tactical plans related to:

  • Supply and demand of medical content
  • Channel use and preferences
  • Scientific meetings
  • The role of websites
  • Industry digital maturity
  • Leveraging data and measuring impact

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