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Here we report on topics relating to digital medical publishing and our business. These include our research reports, whitepapers and thought-leadership, as well as our latest programmes, engagement insights, industry partnerships and team recruits.

Aug 2023

Farai Muldoon joins as Head of Client Services

Bringing 12 years’ experience in the industry, Farai will lead EPG Health’s client services team with keen focus on delivering credible and immersive medical education that meets the needs of clients and HCPs.

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May 2023

Supportive Care in Oncology programme drives knowledge change

Overwhelming intent to change clinical practice has been recorded among healthcare professionals engaging with a Supportive Care in Oncology Learning Zone hosted on Medthority.

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May 2023

Growth Hormone Deficiency Learning Zone launches on Medthority

HCPs will gain understanding of growth hormone deficiency and appropriate treatment options after engaging with this educational programme, developed independently of sponsor Sandoz.

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Thought Leadership

Creating an award-winning HCP engagement platform

EPG Health’s pioneering approach to…

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Jan 2023

May 2023

Programme goes live: Anti-CGRP therapies for migraine

Developed with an educational grant from Pfizer, this Learning Zone includes focus on the unmet needs and disease burden associated with migraine and anti-CGRP therapies for acute and prophylactic treatment.

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Apr 2023

Harnessing the power of omnichannel for impactful HCP engagement

Are you making best use of available channels to deliver meaningful engagement with HCPs? In this article, we offer insight on the building blocks for an effective omnichannel approach.


Mar 2023

The evolution of medical congress – where next?

Following the emergence of the hybrid congress model, EPG Health shares expert insight into the future of scientific meetings and opportunities that have surfaced to expand their reach far beyond in-person attendance.