Quizzes, Polls and Surveys


From regular knowledge tests to targeted and timely questions, healthcare professionals (HCPs) typically enjoy testing their medical knowledge and sharing their opinions. Because they are generally time-poor, they value the ability to do this quickly.

Using bite-sized quizzes, polls or surveys on Medthority (www.medthority.com), EPG Health, an IQVIA business, reveals knowledge gaps and gains, attitudes, intentions and reactions. Multiple choice, ranking or free response questions engage participants in less than 5 minutes.

Quizzes are sequenced intelligently to allow users to demonstrate and improve their understanding of topics over time.  Upon completion, these interactive activities can direct participants to information that addresses their learning needs and reinforces key educational messages.

Integrated with Learning Zones, symposia or webinars, quizzes, polls and surveys can establish the pre-engagement baseline and post-engagement impact. Repeating the same activity later can confirm changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.

They highlight any areas where misunderstandings commonly occur across specific HCP populations or personas, with insights to inform existing and future content, user-journeys and communication requirements.

Why sponsor quizzes, polls and surveys on Medthority?

  • Reach your target HCP audience from 1.8 million HCPs globally

  • Engage them with interactive assessment opportunities

  • Measure knowledge, attitudes and behaviour change

  • Steer future content and communication strategy

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