Via the global Medthority community, we are fortunate to be able to collect valuable insights into the mindsets and behaviours of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and pharmaceutical industry professionals. In the interests of advancing health engagement, EPG Health, an IQVIA business, is pleased to share this knowledge with you via free detailed reports and whitepapers. Our wealth of research helps shape Medthority and the solutions we provide.

  • Nov 2023

    The Future of HCP Engagement Impact

    What is the key to impactful Pharma-HCP engagement? Across 73-pages of valuable multi-stakeholder insight, this comprehensive study will help you to understand the evolving trends and challenges and steer your strategy to achieve maximum impact.


    of HCPs demand better access to diagnosis information


    of HCPs want to access key takeaways for scientific meetings they did not attend


    of pharma find demonstrating behavioural impact and outcomes a major challenge


     of HCPs consider independent medical websites critical or very important to their practice

  • Nov 2021

    The Gaps Between HCP Demand and Pharma Supply of Medical Information

    MIND THE GAP! Are you delivering the content and channels HCPs value? Access 65 pages of multi-stakeholder research insight to steer HCP-engagement as we emerge from the pandemic.


    The average score out of 10 given to the report by readers


    people in the pharma industry accessed the report in 1 month


    of HCPs expect their demand for virtual scientific meetings to remain higher post-pandemic


    of HCPs consider independent websites critical or very important for disease awareness


    of pharma expect to primarily create their own disease awareness in 2022

  • Apr 2020

    Whitepaper: Accomplish Meaningful HCP Engagement Online

    Struggling to achieve or demonstrate value for your HCP website? You’re not alone. Creating and measuring value in a congested online content space is a challenge. Our whitepaper (April 2020) shares data, real-world insights and best practice guidance to help you achieve valuable user journeys, content, multichannel integration and KPIs/metrics, all aligned to key educational messages and objectives.

  • Apr 2019

    The Evolving Role of Websites For Healthcare Professionals

    Medical websites perform a crucial role for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and pharmaceutical companies alike. Opportunities, demands, behaviour and challenges are evolving in relation to the provision and consumption of digital resources that support HCPs in clinical practice. This free 115 page report, published in April 2019, is based on surveys conducted with HCPs and the pharma industry. It provides a wealth of insight to inform decisions related to HCP support and engagement.


    of pharma measure whether their HCP websites activities result in behaviour change


    in 2 HCPs think pharma should focus primarily on being transparent in order to gain their trust


    of HCPs visit independent medical websites weekly


    of HCPs report high demand for downloadable clinical content


    of pharma devote just 10% of their HCP communications budget to web/online activities