Peer-to-peer guidance on the move

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are increasingly turning to podcasts for scientific information. At EPG Health, an IQVIA business, we are seeing an acceleration of engagement and impact with podcasts on Medthority, our global, independent medical website.

A cost-effective and convenient form of communication at any point in product life-cycle, expert-led, peer-to-peer podcasts grow and retain an audience with credibility. 

A series will include discussion on a range of topics, from clinical trial data to patient cases, building trust, frequency of interaction and deeper learning through onward journeys with related content.

Why sponsor podcasts on Medthority?

  • Reach your target HCP audience from 1.8 million HCPs globally

  • Draw HCPs from Spotify and Apple Podcasts into your Learning Zone

  • Engage them with credible, peer-to-peer guidance

  • Measure efficacy through reports on engagement and impact

  • 81% of HCPs consider podcasts important for accessing scientific information

  • Podcasts increase traffic to related content by 30%

  • Our longest running podcast series has over 30 episodes and achieved >50,000 plays in 12 months


  • Benefits of the Medthority solution
  • Standard programme deliverables
  • Multi-stakeholder feedback and metrics
  • Client case study