Published 29 November 2022

The Gaps Between HCP Demand and Pharma Supply of Medical Information

How Pharma-HCP engagement should evolve as we emerge from the pandemic


Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, life science companies have ‘acted’ quickly to address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs), knowing that customer centricity is key to meaningful engagement. However, our multi-stakeholder research, which examines the situation 18 months on, indicates that pharmaceutical companies are missing the mark on HCP engagement, with a clear customer-centric paradox.

The 65-page report provides insight into HCP demands for medical information, industry supply, progress made, lessons learnt, the gaps that now exist, and the challenges yet to overcome. It will help you to identify where your organisation is falling short and validate or steer your strategic and tactical plans for 2022 related to:

  • Medical content
  • Evolving channels
  • Scientific meetings
  • Websites
  • Digital capability and maturity
  • Resource, roles and collaboration
  • Beyond the pandemic