Novel approach of impactful Medthority programme celebrated by PMEA

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EPG Health was delighted to be recognised at the 2023 PMEA Awards for its best-in-class approach to understanding HCP needs and behaviour, driving meaningful learning time and measuring impact in digital medical education.

The business received the Excellence in Engagement through Digital Channels award for an educational programme which has engaged thousands of HCPs with critical emerging science around the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Developed independently with funding from Pfizer, the self-directed Learning Zone was hosted on Medthority, EPG Health’s independent platform for healthcare professionals worldwide.

And the winner is…

The award-winning programme pioneered use of a new Impact Outcomes Framework to demonstrate active time spent learning and track healthcare professionals’ behaviour as they progress through 5 stages of learning.

This enables – through automated pre-and post-learning assessments – meaningful measurement of knowledge gain and behaviour change aligned to pre-defined Learning Objectives.

In an approach backed by comprehensive multi-stakeholder research, the Learning Zone meets the content needs and preferences of time-poor HCPs by delivering information in bite-sized formats, supporting consumption over multiple engaged sessions.

This includes interactive video clips in which key opinion leaders provide analysis, and infographics supporting data visualisation. Highlights from relevant congresses translate key developments in the therapeutic area into convenient and timely takeaways.

To reach target learners, orchestrated communications spanned a diversified range of digital channels and leveraged automated retargeting activity to encourage return visits and drive progress through the content.

Outcomes and Impact

Within 6 months of the programme going live: 

  • 5023 total HCPs were engaged
  • 40% knowledge gain was recorded among HCPs completing pre- and post-learning assessments
  • 73% were confident in their knowledge of the topic post-engagement, versus 36% beforehand
  • 92% said what they have learned will impact or change their clinical practice
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The PMEA judging panel commented: “EPG Health has produced an impressive programme and provided valuable insights into the customer focus and learning journey steps. The team effectively highlighted the target audience in terms of channel and content preferences, and provided strong evidence surrounding audience segmentation. The judges appreciated the channel integration and the retargeting of tactics, along with the clever use of congress highlights to drive engagement.”

EPG Health’s Impact Outcomes Framework ensures sponsored and grant-funded educational programmes on Medthority deliver and report meaningful impact. Learn more about our approach: