Meaningful impact assessment for digital medical education

Insight into healthcare professional needs and behaviour is pharmaceutical companies’ top strategic priority for digital HCP engagement. But, with research showing that two-thirds find demonstrating behavioural impact and outcomes a major challenge, much of the Industry still relies on basic ‘volume’ metrics that tend to align poorly with pharma’s core objective of improving patient outcomes.

To support our industry partners, EPG Health has developed a unique Impact Outcomes Framework to ensure sponsored and grant-funded educational programmes on Medthority – our independent HCP website – deliver and report meaningful impact.

Our award-winning and technology-driven approach tracks HCP behaviour and learning time to evidence active engagement and uses Impact Outcomes assessments to demonstrate resulting improvements in HCP knowledge, competence and clinical performance, aligned to pre-defined Learning Objectives for the programme.

Why sponsor educational programmes via Medthority?

  • 63% of pharma find evidencing behavioural impact and outcomes a major challenge

  • Receive in-depth analysis of HCP learning time and engagement behaviour

  • Demonstrate measurable impact on HCP confidence, knowledge, competence and clinical performance

  • 85% of Medthority users believe it has enabled them to improve patient outcomes

  • Gain insights into the ongoing, personalised educational needs of participating HCPs


  • What does meaningful impact look like in digital medical education?
  • Key multi-stakeholder research findings
  • Using data analytics to unlock behavioural insights
  • Aligning digital Stages of Learning with Impact Outcomes
  • Detail of available reporting metrics